Nurture Yourself

Lets Share our positive vibes and try do our bit

When times are difficult (like the present times we all are witnessing), least we can do is to share our positive vibes and do our bit in a complex environment Stay informed, well informed and prepared Do not get into… Continue Reading →


[so,this is my first blog ] [if its bad don’t judge] [if its good [hopefully] beginner’s luck ??] SO IN THIS BLOG WE WILL DISCUSS THE 3 MOST POPULAR MOBILE BATTLE ROYALES PUBG MOBILE,CALL OF DUTY AND CYBER HUNTER PUBG… Continue Reading →

A cup of Hope (During Social Distancing)

While I sit with my days work plan and think about times of quarantine and social distancing, it does break my heart to realize where we have come. While we must follow all that we can but its also utmost… Continue Reading →

One easy way to track nutritional adequacy of your meals, color my plate

While we all want to eat healthy, it can be too much information and sometimes very complex to be sure if we are moving in right direction One easy indicator is to quickly see the color balance of food on… Continue Reading →

De-clutter you spaces and mind. Its one of best gifts you can give yourself

As we are often are busy chasing targets and personal commitments, there are chance that we become reactive in our approach. While we all multitask, not always it’s the best thing to do. Its really powerful to be sharp and… Continue Reading →

Some sunshine is the best thing we can gift ourselves !

While we are all busy with so many different things, it’s always nice to steal some moments under the sun. We are all naturally built to be under the sun and hence great absence of it can cause multitude of… Continue Reading →

Energy is not only in protein shakes, there’s much energy in your smile and it can power someone’s days

Food and nutrition are a great science and we all must stay focused. Having said that how we respond and our own energy feed is possibly of even more relevance. Have a look at my list of 7 ways in… Continue Reading →

A small step in right direction is better than many in wrong one!

When we start our journey in fitness, we often get too obsessed with only the end goal. However, it’s extremely crucial to be mindful of each progress and step as there really is no one goal. The goal shapes basis… Continue Reading →

Small things are actually the big things, think about it!

Are you always occupied chasing big goals and targets? You are not alone, most of us are. However its really vital that we recognize the beauty and power of living full everyday. After all life is not a race, it’s… Continue Reading →

Bring in the New Year with clear vision and plan!

A small step in right direction is more meaningful than many in wrong directions While we all want to move fast and achieve so many amazing things in our journey, it’s absolutely vital to assess the options and requirements to… Continue Reading →

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