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Home remedy series….Ginger, ginger

Most of us are aware that ginger has great therapeutic properties and useful to treat many seasonal or mild symptoms. This is one ingredient easily available and comes handy as an easy and safe first line of preventive foods. Here’s… Continue Reading →

Home remedy series….Cloves, the good old cloves

One super essential in every kitchen is cloves, be it for children, the young or elderly, the cloves come in handy for a variety of purposes. While we can go on about benefits of this small looking spice, here’s my… Continue Reading →

Few simple tips on balancing work from home and other aspects of your life

While work from home eliminates the commute time and haste associated with being away, it comes with its own challenges and not easy unless we are aware of challenges and have best plan in place. Here are my few very… Continue Reading →

Let’s get some Fenugreek seeds in our regular diet

While much us being talked about immunity in these difficult times, there are some simple habits that can help boost our system and help us deal with things in an improved manner. Next few days I shall dedicate to such… Continue Reading →

Times to be strong and motivated

Benefits of having a proper routine in these times of work from home and multiple deliverable While we all are practically saving time from not having to commute or travel in these times of social distancing, it can get difficult… Continue Reading →

Lets try our best to work together in these difficult times and stay optimistic

It goes without saying that we are all so concerned with matters around us and all our hopes that it begins to improve. Its utmost important to continue to stay motivated and work our health as well as mental peace… Continue Reading →

Lets Share our positive vibes and try do our bit

When times are difficult (like the present times we all are witnessing), least we can do is to share our positive vibes and do our bit in a complex environment Stay informed, well informed and prepared Do not get into… Continue Reading →

A cup of Hope (During Social Distancing)

While I sit with my days work plan and think about times of quarantine and social distancing, it does break my heart to realize where we have come. While we must follow all that we can but its also utmost… Continue Reading →

One easy way to track nutritional adequacy of your meals, color my plate

While we all want to eat healthy, it can be too much information and sometimes very complex to be sure if we are moving in right direction One easy indicator is to quickly see the color balance of food on… Continue Reading →

De-clutter you spaces and mind. Its one of best gifts you can give yourself

As we are often are busy chasing targets and personal commitments, there are chance that we become reactive in our approach. While we all multitask, not always it’s the best thing to do. Its really powerful to be sharp and… Continue Reading →

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