While I sit with my days work plan and think about times of quarantine and social distancing, it does break my heart to realize where we have come.

While we must follow all that we can but its also utmost important to stay optimistic, more than ever.

Here is my list of 7 ways in which you utilize your time, stay engaged, make use of time and hope for best

  1. Follow the requirements as listed by your local authorities and even more. Stay safe and take care of your loved ones.
  2. Try and extent your support to the ones you can, though remotely. You may not be able to imagine but this can give you completely another level of self-satisfaction.
  3. Reach out to friends and family. Stay connected. You may recall some where you just fell apart or got drifted, drop a message and check in on their safety. You will feel good.
  4. Make use of video and group calls, speak to ones you love and express your affection and care.
  5. Enroll on a good fitness app and start your new home regime. Slowly you would get hooked to it and this will also help in mental health
  6. Smile and do not look anxious, specially if you live with children. Your energy affects others too.
  7. Follow a routine. Make sure to get some time alone, do some breathing exercises or meditate
  8. Watch your long due favorite movies or shows
  9. Stay connected but do not get completely consumed by overflow of information all the time.

You are and will remain a beautiful child of the creator. Pass on the love and joy…