When we start our journey in fitness, we often get too obsessed with only the end goal. However, it’s extremely crucial to be mindful of each progress and step as there really is no one goal. The goal shapes basis your uniqueness and your efforts, not to forget the environment that surrounds us.

Here’s my list of 7 important thoughts that keep us motivated throughout

  • Only one we are competing with is ourselves. We don’t really know the real conditions of so many of those people who are on covers of top fitness magazines.
  • Improved lifestyle allows us to be better at everything else we do.
  • Don’t feel guilty, trying and measuring progress for what you are doing is much better than just focusing on all you can’t do.
  • No one can do it all.
  • An incremental progress can have amazing returns in long run.
  • You know yourself better if you look at progress in real sense
  • Find opportunities to engage with like-minded people or a gym or yoga center where you can get pushed from comfort zone.

It’s all about the journey, enjoy and live full each day 🙂