A small step in right direction is more meaningful than many in wrong directions

While we all want to move fast and achieve so many amazing things in our journey, it’s absolutely vital to assess the options and requirements to make sure we have a good plan in place.

Here are few reasons why we must evaluate our actions periodically to be able to check how we feel about what we accomplish

  • First one is always what I call the Sunday evening or the end of holiday feeling. Most of us usually feel we would have done so much more if it was just the beginning of that weekend. Most of us also really live the last day on a holiday fuller. We don’t want to do this with our lives. Evaluate preferences and what really matters well in time J
  • Everyday progress is really key and possibly more important that the end result. We live day to day and must cherish each day to the fullest.
  • It may be tougher but feels awesome if we are really inspired by something. The easiest options may not always be in our best interest.
  • Trying and learning is always better than avoiding to try only to regret much later.
  • The joy from certain things can’t be described in words. It may not always be important what everyone else thinks of your plans if you are really convinced.
  • You will have good stories to tell your grandchildren about passion and thriving.
  • Before you realize your actions will start yielding results, may not be at the same time and proportions as you may have anticipated, but it will unfold in its own organic manner. Trust me this surely is more enjoyable.

Bring in the New Year with clear vision and plan.