Yes, it’s the age of technology and speed. Still it’s always helpful to write few most important things on paper and follow it through

You may have read that what gets written gets executed.  It is so true.

While technology and gadgets are great and a must in today’s fast paced world, here are few reasons that may motivate you to make a list of to do things on daily or weekly basis

  1. The process of writing itself helps us align our thoughts
  2. With multiple tasks it helps us to have that go to weekly list
  3. Once we have big items listed, it obviously helps us prioritize all the time
  4. If we have children who look up to us, it’s a great habit to pass on to them
  5. Just in case something is taking longer than usual, we will be more aware of this is and plan adequately. It will not be just something pending at back of our minds.
  6. As we keep practicing we get better at it.
  7. It will help us not to take up things we have no bandwidth to attend. Most of us do not like saying no and often end up taking up responsibilities we may not genuinely have time for. This habit shall help you re-organize things that can be moved to the next week or another time.

Grab that pen and paper and start today to start seeing the results for yourself even before you hit new year’s evening.