While work from home eliminates the commute time and haste associated with being away, it comes with its own challenges and not easy unless we are aware of challenges and have best plan in place. Here are my few very simple tips to help you stay focused and perform at both fronts, professional and personal

  • Be kind to yourself. Slot the important hours and critical projects with undivided attention. Just being at homes doesn’t mean you have to be available to everyone at all time. It rather helps if you are not available for few and dedicated on your work.
  • While you work, give it your full attention and push away the urge to multitask or keep cleaning or attending chores. Its okay and its not about perfection, its about progress.
  • Eat healthy and have an exercise routine, have daily targets. While there may be more time, there could be tendency to get lost in ample availability of time. It always helps having cut offs and targets for each day.
  • Slot some time to rest and relax. Its okay and you are only human, do not try to be a superhuman.
  • Try and have fixed time slots for news and suppress the urge to keep checking all the time.
  • Stay connected, you are only away physically, make sure you are not away technically.
  • Use video calls and conferences. Make your presence and have a personal professional adequate. It will help you feel better.
  • Stop feeling guilty if you feel tired or burdened, just find ways to rejuvenate. Its okay to reward yourself sometimes and you can only take care of everything if you take care of self

Wear that same attitude and find you new balance. Not everything is in our control, but we surely can try and manage our response in best manner. It does help feel much better and optimistic.