One super essential in every kitchen is cloves, be it for children, the young or elderly, the cloves come in handy for a variety of purposes. While we can go on about benefits of this small looking spice, here’s my list of 7 best uses of cloves and reasons you must consider having it in your kitchen, your handbag and in your bed room drawer

  1. Great and most safe natural go to oil and remedy for tooth pain and dental discomfort. The therapeutic smell and aroma makes it even more helpful.
  2. Cloves have anti-bacterial properties and help build your immunity against infections. A very good mix of nutrients like manganese, vitamin, good fiber, carbs and calories make it a good ingredient.
  3. High on antioxidants and hence help in reducing oxidative stress which otherwise could contribute to chronic diseases
  4. Some research also indicate towards cloves being helpful in reducing risk of cancer
  5. Known to be helpful in improving liver health, also regulating blood sugar levels
  6. Some components in clove have been studied to show help in preserving bone mass in animal studies, good for bone health. Manganese is a mineral that’s involved in the formation of bone and incredibly important to health of bones.
  7. Easy to use and can be your go to spice when you like strong flavors


Like anything else, the portions matter and excess of anything may not be good. Have it in moderation and in a planned manner, it would be your go to spice savior many a times 😊