While much us being talked about immunity in these difficult times, there are some simple habits that can help boost our system and help us deal with things in an improved manner. Next few days I shall dedicate to such herbs and spices that are loaded with benefits and therapeutic effects on our lives, if had in moderation and in right manner

Fenugreek seeds have some amazing properties that can help improve our health and in turn quality of our everyday lives.

1. Helps in reducing fat mass. So if you are looking at weight loss it’s a good idea
2. Good for our digestive process, it soothes upset stomach and relieves digestive problems.
3. Helps in balancing cholesterol.
4. Helps in reducing menstrual cramps.
5. Reduces appetite and in turn helps us eat better
6. Helps maintain liver and kidney health.
7. Soothe muscle pain.
8. Reduce fever.

Grab that packet in your kitchen and set out small portions to consume on daily basis, either in your green tea, in your veggies or in your salads.

Soon you would get hooked to this habit and start to see benefits 😊