When times are difficult (like the present times we all are witnessing), least we can do is to share our positive vibes and do our bit in a complex environment

  1. Stay informed, well informed and prepared
  2. Do not get into spiral of regressive thinking and feeling overwhelmed as that would only increase your anxiety
  3. Eat well and get good rest
  4. Exercise is key to how you feel, do not let go of your workout regime, you need it more than ever
  5. Have warm water, as it can help towards general flue
  6. Follow all requirements by departments and by authorities, it is in your and everyone’s interest.
  7. It is our duty to follow social distancing and stay at home. Lets all do our bit, everyone’s efforts matters.


Take good care of self and loved ones, we can together fight this

Lots of Love and take good care 🙂