It goes without saying that we are all so concerned with matters around us and all our hopes that it begins to improve. Its utmost important to continue to stay motivated and work our health as well as mental peace

Here is my list of 7 ways to boost a positive mood and stay focused in difficult times

  • Music can be our best friend, in best and difficult times. Someone rightly said music takes us places without having to travel. Being able to forget our worries even for some time is precious to beat the stress and be optimistic. Good music, and specially music from our childhood or youth could have power to instantaneously boost our minds


  • Good and simple healthy food. When we are stressed there could be all chances of binge eating or not being so careful about what we eat. Its vital to eat well, take care of our and loved ones nutritional needs and also the joy of making a good mealšŸ˜Š


  • Connect with people that matter to you and to whom you mean something. We often celebrate our success and birthdays etc. but trust me greater bonds are created and memories made during tough times.


  • Give a helping hand and pass on some joy to someone who may not be so fortunate. Its priceless and you would feel great sense of empowerment by being able to bring positive touch in another persons life.


  • Watch you favorite shows, you would otherwise not get time for.


  • A good combination of all above and decent exercise would help you navigate the matters with better frame of mind and do better justice. Off course you get to be healthier and work towards a better youšŸ˜Š


  • It may be your simple quiet time with self in the balcony, any open space or your favorite space. Even such 10 minutes can have a profound impact on your days and evenings, your overall health.


Do not forget to thank all in medical fraternity, all doctors, nurses, support staff and all who are risking their lives to save ours. We can never thank them enough

Keep at it and pass on some good vibes. That’s what we all need.