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Some sunshine is the best thing we can gift ourselves !

While we are all busy with so many different things, it’s always nice to steal some moments under the sun. We are all naturally built to be under the sun and hence great absence of it can cause multitude of… Continue Reading →

Energy is not only in protein shakes, there’s much energy in your smile and it can power someone’s days

Food and nutrition are a great science and we all must stay focused. Having said that how we respond and our own energy feed is possibly of even more relevance. Have a look at my list of 7 ways in… Continue Reading →

A small step in right direction is better than many in wrong one!

When we start our journey in fitness, we often get too obsessed with only the end goal. However, it’s extremely crucial to be mindful of each progress and step as there really is no one goal. The goal shapes basis… Continue Reading →

Small things are actually the big things, think about it!

Are you always occupied chasing big goals and targets? You are not alone, most of us are. However its really vital that we recognize the beauty and power of living full everyday. After all life is not a race, it’s… Continue Reading →

Bring in the New Year with clear vision and plan!

A small step in right direction is more meaningful than many in wrong directions While we all want to move fast and achieve so many amazing things in our journey, it’s absolutely vital to assess the options and requirements to… Continue Reading →

Few reasons why it’s always helpful to write the most important things on paper and follow it through

Yes, it’s the age of technology and speed. Still it’s always helpful to write few most important things on paper and follow it through You may have read that what gets written gets executed.  It is so true. While technology… Continue Reading →

Few reasons why the time around Christmas and New Year’s gives us an extra reason to do so many wonderful things

While we all know that time is always passing by, this time around makes it unavoidable to evaluate our perspective and look at things in the light of passing time.  It gives us extra reason to connect with people we… Continue Reading →

Good things come when we sweat!

If we don’t really remember the last time we sweat due to physical activity, it may be a good idea to incorporate such a regime. As lifestyle has changed rapidly, mostly to make our schedules sedentary and restrict movement of… Continue Reading →

Pumpkin not only looks good, its really loaded with goodness to add it as a frequent item in your menu

Craving for something filling, yummy and nutritious for dinner while you want to go slow with the carbs, the pumpkin soup may be a wonderful option. Pumpkin is a superfood filled with nutrients that boost mental health. It may compliment… Continue Reading →

Few reasons you should try adding buttermilk as a regular item on your list of favorite foods.

We all know that curds (yogurt) are really beneficial for health. Buttermilk is a simple drink you can add at least once a day to your menu to reap multiple benefits. Here’s a list of my favorite ones Even better… Continue Reading →

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