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Pumpkin not only looks good, its really loaded with goodness to add it as a frequent item in your menu

Craving for something filling, yummy and nutritious for dinner while you want to go slow with the carbs, the pumpkin soup may be a wonderful option. Pumpkin is a superfood filled with nutrients that boost mental health. It may compliment… Continue Reading →

Few reasons you should try adding buttermilk as a regular item on your list of favorite foods.

We all know that curds (yogurt) are really beneficial for health. Buttermilk is a simple drink you can add at least once a day to your menu to reap multiple benefits. Here’s a list of my favorite ones Even better… Continue Reading →

How a small change of having dinner before 7pm could bring multiple benefits?

While we all love the dinner parties and outings, its actually the worst thing to do if we eat heavy meals and have it late at night. The benefits of early dinner can be many and also vary depending on… Continue Reading →

How do you know if it’s time for social media detox?

In case you find yourself too occupied most of the time and the mind cluttered with too much opinion on too many things. It may be your alarm that you need to watch how you engage on social media. Here’s… Continue Reading →

Taking time off from social media may be what you need!

In case you happen to be stressed, overworked, anxious, tired and running behind schedule for your commitments, it may be a  wise idea to take a break from social media. The benefits can be immense. Here are few that will… Continue Reading →

Your satisfaction is your responsibility

We all want to be happy and satisfied. It makes a whole lot of difference as to who we hold accountable for the same. Till the time you keep holding other people, your situations, so many other aspects other than… Continue Reading →

Few reasons why you may consider celebrating your small successes, or during festival times or just because you may be feeling great

While overdoing something can be a problem, not sharing your happiness with near and dear ones, not doing things to make them feel special once in a while, is not great either. Here are my few reasons you may consider… Continue Reading →

Planning a get together, why not have your guests feel refreshed and rejuvenated, than just bloated with too much food.

We all love to celebrate sometimes. We just want to share our happiness with people and have them be a part of our lives. While this feeling is awesome, how we celebrate is equally important too. After all we don’t… Continue Reading →

To take care of others, you got to take care of self too and love yourself

For ages, we women have been knowingly or unknowingly putting ourselves at the backseat even in decisions we take. The more you love others and want to do good for them, the more you need to invest in yourself, your… Continue Reading →

Have your own power day!

Mark a day in the week that’s just your day and this day you must give yourself your best company. Having quality time with your own self and cherishing the simple joys of life enhances our attention span and effective… Continue Reading →

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