We all love to celebrate sometimes. We just want to share our happiness with people and have them be a part of our lives.

While this feeling is awesome, how we celebrate is equally important too. After all we don’t want to get up in the morning and realize that we binged too much or on the wrong items.

Here are few simple ideas that can help you plan better so you feel great afterwards too.

  1. Planning a brunch party is a great idea. This time is much better in case you or your friends end up eating more than what you usually do. Another big benefit is you still have rest of day to do other tasks and don’t sleep off thinking about pending works. Even better if this is in open. As most people aren’t really stepping out in the sun. Planning your event at a place well done under a tree and some sunshine can be very refreshing.
  2. Have good option of healthy drinks.
  3. Add few activities and games. You don’t want people to only keep eating for few hours in a row. If not good for you, its not good for anyone. Try to add few activities or fun games.
  4. Do something new. Anything that’s run of mill, is mundane and hardly any recall value.
  5. Sprouts and salads. There are so many ways you can play with these.
  6. Fruits and fruit salads.

These or similar aspects would bring newness and make your events stand out and different.

Let’s bring back the goodness.