Are you always occupied chasing big goals and targets? You are not alone, most of us are. However its really vital that we recognize the beauty and power of living full everyday. After all life is not a race, it’s a journey and roads once crossed, may not be en route again.

Here’s my list of reasons that you may like to consider if you are just running fast through your days without taking moments to connect with people and things that matter.

1. Be present in the moment. Always living in past or in future takes away our attention and depletes the way we invest ourselves into all that matters.

2. The targets are targets until we reach them. The mind always finds new targets to keep us occupied. If you have enjoyed the journey you have good memories on the way.

3. Time is always ticking and the present would not come back. It’s foolish to be absent minded.

4. It’s similar to how we feel if we have pain on a particular body part, be it legs, arms, neck or any other. Many a times we don’t realize that it’s so important and critical a function unless it hurts. Small pleasures in life are quite similar. Having peace of mind to cherish your morning or evening routine with loved ones is a precious thing and not to be undermined.

5. If we appreciate things and are grateful it creates good vibes and people around us are more caring, which in turn is good for us.

6. Of course it’s great for health as we can bounce back by the smile of kids and spouse or your partner. You will find multiple reasons to be rejuvenated.

7. The more you are ambitious the more you will go through the push and pull. Having this practice of appreciating joys and blessings around you will make your journey a bigger pleasure.

8. Bring that amazing smile on as the things we consider small and risk as being taken for granted need to be appreciated every single day.