While we are all busy with so many different things, it’s always nice to steal some moments under the sun.

We are all naturally built to be under the sun and hence great absence of it can cause multitude of problems.

Here are some benefits of soaking yourself in sunshine

  1. It boosts your mood. Try taking a walk in the sun when you feel low or not clear in your thoughts, it has an instant effect on your mood.
  2. Accelerates body’s production of vitamin D. We all know how critical vitamin D is for bone health and overall mechanism of our body.
  3. Reduces risk of type 2 diabetes as the same is also linked to lower levels of vitamin D
  4. Helps boost overall immunity and the fighting mechanism of our body.
  5. Helps reduce blood pressure.
  6. Improvement in quality of sleep.
  7. Helps weight loss. With improved mood, one is more likely to eat right and hence manage weight more effectively.
  8. Healing effect on skin as it energizes the related functions.

Hence, while too much time in sun could have its own side effects, some amount of sunlight is essential for us to maintain good mood and health. Don’t be afraid to venture out J