Benefits of having a proper routine in these times of work from home and multiple deliverable

While we all are practically saving time from not having to commute or travel in these times of social distancing, it can get difficult to stay focused and motivated thought the day, unless we follow a proper routine and have things to look forward to. Here are my 7 examples to stick to a regime so we always have something to look forward to

  • Eating and exercise routine. This is very important to we follow a plan and not just drag through the day. it helps us have better health and mood to deal with matters.
  • Finish important work first few hours in the morning. While we may have full day, energy levels are surely higher if we are already done with most important tasks.
  • Stay focused on your projects and deliverables. This can give additional mental satisfaction in these difficult times and rather also be therapeutic.
  • Watch your favorite shows or find other ways to reward yourself.
  • Take care of your hair, skin etc. Ensure to make use of time we have, most of us often have been cribbing not having time to take care of self.
  • Play good music while you still do some chores or some tasks.
  • Talk to your loved ones. Make use of all technology and stay connected


During unusual times we have to stay cautious of fact that our energies also rub on our loves ones, peers and friends. We sure want and need to make it better in ways we can.

Lets all stay strong and pull together 😊